Fundación Camino de la Lengua Castellana - c/ Portales, nº 2, 3ª planta - 26001 LOGROÑO (La Rioja) España - Tel. 0034 941 203698 - Fax. 0034 941 220940 E-mail:

The Fundación Camino de la Lengua Castellana was set up on 22/02/2000 and works through a Board of Governors made up of representatives from different public bodies.

The Board meets at least twice per year: the first to approve the accounts of the previous year and the second to approve the Programme of Activities and budget for the following year.

Board meetings are held in rotation in each of the cities along the route.

The posts of Chair and Deputy Chair rotate every two years between the three Autonomous Communities which belong to the Board of Governors. The Secretariat is established in La Rioja on a permanent basis, in the person of the regional Minister for Tourism of La Rioja.

The aims of the foundation are:

   Promote and spread knowledge of the Castilian (Spanish) language
   Promote the "Route of the Castilian (Spanish) Language" as a cultural route that runs through the origins of the Castilian and their universal projection.
   To promote the cultural roots and the historical patrimony of the places where the Route of the Castilian Language passes for its role on the birth and development of the Castilian Language.

The responsibility of the foundation is to organize the touristic and cultural activities in order to promote the itinerary.

This is a private foundation, supported by public institutions that make up the Board. The institutions are:

Regional Governments
• Gobierno de La Rioja
• Junta de Castilla y León
• Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid

• Valladolid
• Salamanca
• Ávila
• Alcalá de Henares

Country Council
• Valladolid

Ministry of Culture
• Dirección General de Cooperación y Comunicación Cultural
• Dirección General del Libro, Archivos y Bibliotecas

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